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Anita Cordell, owner of River Productions, is producing various forms of media in conjunction with the I WILL RISE nonprofit, to help educate & equip churches, schools & any organization about the Human Trafficking industry, & other forms of violent acts, including how porn affects the next generation. Each film Anita produces will be focused on a different perspective of someone within these industries. I WILL RISE is a movement to encourage all of us to RISE to #stoptrafficking. The first film is called 'House Mother' & tells the story of a lady who prepares the girls for a John or 'Pimp'. It has won the Silver Award, at Kingdomwood Film Festival in 2015 and the Anita won Best Actress in a short film at ICFF in 2016. It has also received several nominations. Anita's 2nd film, called 'A Dangerous Profession', has currently won 3 awards and is being used as intro videos for speakers in various parts of the nation to bring awareness. Anita has a desire to create stories that provide answers to social problems by educating and equipping. These films will not show any sexual 'acts', due to the targeted audience and the age of some of the actor. Anita will also be careful while filming these films and PSA's that will keep the young actors' minds as safe and innocent as possible.

Stay tuned for her next project ---- her first feature film, CRY PURPLE.

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The I WILL RISE team is working on their next film project called 'Cry Purple'.  All donations will help make that happen. Cry Purple is sold on Amazon and is Gritty and gripping. It's the story of the author’s journey from almost two decades of prostitution, crack addiction and prison to her present life of blindness, motherhood and happiness. She has survived brutality & discrimination with astonishing resilience and optimism.  For more information, email us at  

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